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the furute of commerce is evolving right now -being your valuable partner in digital commerce is our goal.


silent-commerce is the next generation of commerce working in the field of silent transactions between the internet of things without human interaction and knowledge.

soon s-commerce will be a huge factor in the business world and companies will need to adapt to this new technology.

the foundation of s-commerce will most likely be cryptocurrency. the cryptocurrency NEO already has some interesting approaches in this field with their digital coin and token including a digital contract system. 


ubiquitous-commerce is the constant information flow between all parties involved in your commercial life

having an information advantage will make your business go more smoothly and will trigger your QMS earlier and more effectively

being ontop of your business competition will also give you an imporant edge in the quick changing digital environment


mobile-commerce or MC is the biggest growing market for selling your product or service online.

in integration with mobile payment solutions the m-commerce becomes a quick and reliability option for your successful customer interaction.

china and india are the two biggest emerging markets where m-commerce is already the goldstandard for e-commerce.

the future of commerce worldwide


sum-commerce is the future of the existing and emerging markets. find out more this topic on the following pages



being always ahead of the competition is never easy. with brubble® and its services you can get a important partner to  master the upcoming challenges way ahead the curve. we can provide you valuable information regarding SUM-commerce and beyond. 

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